Monday, 5 September 2016

Aritzia Warehouse Sale 2016 - Review and Haul

I like to shop, but I don't like to spend that much money... Some probably call me cheap! Haha I call it... Well actually, I don't know what I call it? So yeah... I'm cheap. As I have gotten older though, I've learned that sometimes spending a bit more money on good quality clothing that will last a long time is better than just going with the cheap stuff. But I still am a fan of shopping the sale racks, hence the Aritzia Warehouse Sale.

While this is the first time I have been, this sale happens every year in downtown Vancouver. They take over the Convention Centre and just pack it full of good quality, expensive clothing for deeply discounted prices. Super exciting, especially since Aritzia has become one of my go-to stores lately. And it is perfect timing too, a good sale in the last week of summer holidays before back to school. So perfect! 

So I was able to pick up a few things, but not without a big hunt first. The convention centre is huge and there was clothes everywhere! Racks of clothing as far as the eye could see, but also just littered across the floor, and everywhere you turned. This was the craziest, most overwhelming shopping experience ever, but it was pretty good overall. Adrianna, my trusty shopping buddy, and best friend, and I took the train into Vancouver early in the morning (okay, maybe not that early to some, but definitely pretty early for us!) and we arrived downtown about 8:45am... It was early, so I really don't remember. We grabbed some tea and got in line about 9:00am. It was the first day of the sale and the doors had opened at 7:00am, so the line was still very long. I think we had to wait about an hour and 15 minutes to get in, but thankfully it was not raining and we had a nice view of the mountains and the ocean. Once we got in and got to shopping, we decided to start at the accessories table. It was a good choice to get us comfortable in the experience without being totally overwhelmed by the racks upon racks of clothing, those of which we started wandering and picking through next. It was all kind of a whirlwind and I don't remember much haha. I just know at one point it got really busy and overwhelming. What I found to be a very good grounding exercise that helped me not be completely overwhelmed and panicked was to go to the jeans table and just pick through all the jeans to see if there was any I liked. It was a good way to block out the huge masses of people at the thousands of clothing racks, and instead just look at a whole bunch of jeans that were sorted into my size (mostly). 

One tip I have is just load things into your shopping bag even if you're not completely sure of it. Just put all the maybes in there, and then when you think you're done, find a spot on the floor to sort through all your things into what you want to keep, what you don't want, and what you need to go try on in the communal change room. Was all quite the experience, but overall not as terrible and scary and overwhelming as I thought it could be. I mean don't get me wrong... It was very overwhelming, I definitely said that word way too many times in this post haha. I think I would go back next year, but maybe not quite as early in the morning. The lines seemed to not be quite as long in the afternoon. 

Anyways, enough talking... Here is my haul:

1. First up, a super cute purple toque (or beanie to some). It is from the brand Talula, and is the Euston Hat in the colour Racing Purple. It was originally $18, and I got it for $8.99.

2. I got another toque... Can never have too many when you live in Canada! :) This one is from the brand TNA, it is the Alps Hat in the colour Oxford Tan/H. Porridge (whatever that means?). It was originally $25, but I got it for $9.99. 


3. Next up, this shirt from the brand Community. There was no tag, or price tag or anything so I have no idea on the size or style. The colour is a really light blue grey and it's so soft, cute, and just the perfect basic tee. 


From what I could tell from googling, a t-shirt like this would usually run for about $40, so getting it for $14.99 sounded pretty good to me!

4. This Parklife Bullpen Sweater is perfect for layering under jackets on those cool, rainy days, as well as for those times when I decide to exercise or go for a run. It's just a simple, black zip up with reflective trim on the zippered pockets, and is lined on the inside with a warm, almost fleece like material. It has thumbholes in the cuffs, and the cuffs also fold over to cover my whole hand for the really cold days I go running. I paid $39.99 for this sweater that was originally priced at $110 so I think I did pretty good there!


5. And finally, I got this dark heather black pencil skirt. It is super cute and so flattering on. I just hope I can find some good opportunities to wear it. I surprised myself that I actually ended up buying this skirt, as it is not something I'd usually go for, but I'm excited to try to style it and wear it this fall.
It is the Lis Skirt in the colour Heather Hush, from the brand Wilfred, and while the original price isn't on the tag, from the googling I did I believe it was about $65, and I paid $39.99, so not the greatest but still a pretty good sale price. 


Overall, the cost of these items at regular price would be approximately $258, and I paid $114 (not including tax). So a total savings of approximately $144 makes me a pretty happy camper! :) 

The one thing I would have liked to see at the sale is more basics, like the tees, tanks, hoodies and leggings. There was little to no selection of these things that I saw, which is a bit of a disappointment as that is what I was going in to look for. However, I am happy with the purchases I did make, and the experience overall was pretty good. I would go back again (next year).

If you would like to check out Adrianna's haul, she wrote a blog post too! You can find it here :)

And we vlogged a bit of our day and shopping experience, so you can check that out below! :)

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  1. Nice haul! :) I really like the pencil skirt you picked up. You and your friend have dedication to line up in the morning on the very first day too!


  2. Nice haul! :) I really like the pencil skirt you picked up. You and your friend have dedication to line up in the morning on the very first day too!