Monday, 5 September 2016

Blogtember Day 3 - Summer Favourites

My summer favourites are going to be a random compilation of many things... Hairstyles, outfits, music, art and so on. Most of these things are pictures coming from my Instagram page, because Instagram is where it's at, and it is my favourite social media platform! :)

So let's get to it! :)

I mean who can dispute a plate of delicious chocolate chip cookies?! These are a summer favourite, and really an anytime favourite... I love to bake, and whipping up a batch of cookies is always a must!
I'm all about the patriotism and Canadian-isms. This was a favourite summer outfit for Canada Day. The classic red plaid flannel, plus the most Canadian tank... Bonus points if you can name all the guys on my shirt! (Hint: They are all hockey players). And then a touch of Bite lipstick (also Canadian) in the colour Pepper to finish off the look, can't go wrong!
Adrianna is always a favourite, as is my birthday and this toque that was a lovely birthday present is pretty awesome! Just a whole bunch of favourites in this one picture! :)
I had wanted to read this book for a long time, and since I started seeing ads on tv for the movie coming out, I decided it was about time I actually picked this book up and read it. It was so good! Could not put it down, was definitely my favourite summer read!
So can I just say #spoiled and #bestbreakfastever! Who doesn't love a fresh donut and awesome summer berries for breakfast?! Plus my most favourite Vanilla Almond Rooibos Tea in my most favourite tea mug from Anthropologie!

Below is a bit of a Before and After situation... Summer haircut for the win! Was so happy to finally cut off 10 inches of my hair to donate! Favourite haircut right here! :)
My new bedding, a splurge from Anthropolgie but definitely a favourite! So glad I went ahead and got it, I love it even more than I thought I would!
Art and the Olympics are some of my favourite things. I was able to combine the two on the chalkboard wall in my kitchen. It has definitely been a favourite of mine this summer to just sit on the floor and doodle on the chalkboard wall!
I don't mean to offend anyone with this song, but it was definitely a summer favourite. It became my unofficial summer anthem after I randomly heard it on a Spotify Playlist. If you know me, you know I don't swear and this song is so not like me at all, and yet it's just so catchy and I can listen to it on repeat and can't help but sing along. Whoops!
If you are so inclined to can listen to F*cked Up Summer by Lukr, you can find it here
I have loved this quote for awhile, and to finally sit down and paint it was a favourite summer activity of mine, so relaxing. Thanks for the quote, Ralph Waldo Emerson! :) Now getting it hung on my bedroom wall is the next step.
And finally, who can so no to chocolate! These are a favourite of mine whenever I get them... They are so dangerous! They are little chocolate sea salt caramel balls from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and they are so addicting and delicious :)

And there you have it, my Summer Favourites! So many things, but I just couldn't stop haha! 

I hope you enjoyed that little glimpse into my summer :)


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