Monday, 12 September 2016

Blogtember Day 10 - A Photo an Hour

September 10, 2016 - Here is a photo approximately every hour that I was awake (well coming up, after I talk too much first).

It was a long day, and quite a unique one at that. I am a day (and a bit) late posting this as I was busy all day and way to wiped to post anything when I finally got home!

I got roped into volunteering for the Whistler GranFondo, which is a bike race/ride from Vancouver to Whistler. This ride is about 122km long and these cyclists are climbing mountains while they're at it. Pretty impressive, it's definitely not a walk in the park and I give every single one of the 4500 riders or so all the credit in the world!

I spent a lot of time on that course, but from the luxury of a luxury vehicle. I was the official co-pilot for my dad, who was piloting one of the sag wagons, as I learned it is called in the cycling world. We were a support vehicle, picking up riders who had mechanical issues, or were unable to continue the ride. I was the official communications operator in our car, taking calls and texts from other vehicles and the head command centre, and scouting for riders in need of support. Overall it was a very fun, interesting and long day. I would happily co-pilot again.

So here you go, all the hours of my day... It was an early one.

Who wakes up this early? Certainly not me... The sun wasn't even up yet! #teamnosleep
Arrived at Stanley Park... Still dark out! But nice view, nonetheless.
Breakfast time! That fruit was delicious!
Sun was rising, cruise ships were docking.
Now we're cruising (sort of)... Driving on the wrong side of the (closed) highway, following the bikes into Horseshoe Bay. 
Somewhere along the course... Beautiful scenery on the Sea to Sky Highway! Checking in on riders in our official vehicle.
Caught a rider stretching there... Whoops! This was at one of the rest stops, Alice Lake maybe? Picked up a couple riders with mechanical issues, and on to the next rest stop to get them support.
Lunch time... Kind of early, but it was an early morning so I was starving. Excellent turkey sandwich right there!

A minute early on this picture, but we were leaving the Brandywine Falls rest stop... ended up being my favourite rest stop. I mean look at the sky and the mountains, just beautiful around there! This stop meant only 15 more kms for the riders to go before they made it to the finish line in Whistler.

Things got really busy, so I was half an hour late on this picture. Had to load up a bunch of bikes from riders who were timing out of the ride, or who couldn't carry on. They deserve so much credit. They rode so far, and I hope they are all super proud of themselves. 
I think this picture was one of me just trying to get it on time, I think I was feeling pretty tired here, so didn't capture much... We were on the way into Whistler to drop off all the bikes and head out on the course to get more.
This was after we had dropped off the bikes, and were heading back out of Whistler. We were in very slow moving traffic, and I was really just wishing this water was caffeinated! #teamnosleep
Made it to Whistler! All the riders were off the course and had crossed the finish line. Time for some treats... That waffle was pretty much the best thing ever!! 
My time in Whistler was short and sweet. Loaded up on a bus with the other volunteers, leaving the village and heading back down to Vancouver.
Took in the pretty views on the ride back down. This is halfway between Whistler and Vancouver.
Back in downtown Vancouver. In another vehicle... this time my aunt's, she picked me and my dad up to take us back to our car.
One final car to ride in for the day. Heading home from Vancouver.
So happy to be home, and see my bed. No time to sleep yet though. First I needed to go eat some dinner!
Finally curled up in bed. Just a little catching up on social media and reading before bed. Although not much of any of that happened! The struggle to keep my eyes open was real!
Bedtime! Not sure how I was still awake... actually pretty sure I wasn't really! What a long day, but so fun!!

And there you have it, my entire day in pictures. It was a lot of spending time in many different vehicles, but an interesting, fun day nonetheless! 

Hope you enjoyed! Was fun to go through all these pictures and try to remember what I was thinking or where I was when I took them. 

Thanks so much for coming along on my journey! :)

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