Sunday, 4 September 2016

Blogtember Day 1 - A Little Bit About Me

Well hello there,

So blogging has turned out to be a thing that I am not very good at, inconsistency is where it's at. I do enjoy it however, so I've decided to participate in Blogtember again this year. While I am starting late (again), my goal is to try to do more posts in this month than I did last year. I only did 5, so I'm really hoping to do a lot better. We shall see how it goes?!

I think Bailey Jean is the most awesome person ever for putting this together, and I'm gonna follow her lead on this one and use her game of Either/Or because why not, it seems fun?! Here goes nothing... I'm pretty indecisive so I might not be able to pick, or maybe just have to blab some sort of explantation on everything...

Thursday, September 1: Introduce yourself however you like. 

  1. Coffee or tea? Can I say coffee if it's not just coffee... you know, like mochas or lattes, but then also sometimes tea. Yup, you see, terrible at this right off the bat!
  2. Black and white or color? Black and white with lots of pops of colour.
  3. Drawings or paintings?  Paintings. 
  4. Dresses or skirts? Skirts, but also dresses. Depends on the day.
  5. Books or movies?  Books, but movies when I'm lazy.
  6. Pepsi or Coke? Water.
  7. Chinese or Italian? Was going to say Chinese, but then pizza... So Italian.
  8. Early bird or night owl?  Night owl. 
  9. Chocolate or vanilla?  Chocolate.
  10. Introvert or extrovert? Introvert.
  11. Hugs or kisses? Hugs, most of the time.
  12. Hunting or fishing?  How about Gathering?
  13. Winter or summer? Winter, I mean skiing and Christmas. But Summer too, my birthday and no school.
  14. Spring or fall?  Fall, I'm pretty sure? 
  15. Rural or urban? Mostly urban. 
  16.  PC or Mac?  Mac.
  17. Tan or pale? Pale, so pale.
  18. Cake or pie?  Mostly cake, but sometimes pie.
  19. Ice cream or yogurt?  Definitely ice cream.
  20. Ketchup or mustard?  Ketchup.
  21. Sweet pickles or dill pickles?  Dill pickles. 
  22. Comedy or mystery? Can I say both?
  23. Boots or sandals?  Boots.
  24. Silver or gold? Silver.
  25. Jazz or classical? Umm jazz, maybe?
  26. Dancing or singing?  Can't do either, but singing.
  27. Checkers or chess? Chess.
  28. Board games or video games? Board games.
  29. Wine or beer?  Neither, but if I have to pick... Wine.
  30. Freckles or dimples?  Why are these so hard? Either, or both.
  31. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?  Sweet and Sour instead.
  32. Body weight exercises or lifting weights?  Umm... body weight exercises, I guess? 
  33. Baseball or basketball?  Let's say hockey or soccer instead
  34. Crossword puzzles or sudoku? Crossword puzzles.
  35. Facial hair or clean shaven?  Facial hair or clean shaven... Depends haha
  36. Crushed ice or cubed ice?  Crushed
  37. Skiing or snowboarding?  Skiing.
  38. Smile or game face?  Smile.
  39. Bracelet or necklace? Necklace. 
  40. Fruit or vegetables?  Fruit... no, vegetables... Uhh I don't know, I like both, but sometimes neither. Sometimes I confuse even myself with this indecisiveness.
  41. Sausage or bacon?  Bacon. 
  42. Scrambled or fried? Scrambled.
  43. Dark chocolate or white chocolate? But what about milk chocolate?
  44. Tattoos or piercings?  A bit of both, I probably wouldn't get either but I also don't really mind either haha.
  45. Antique or brand new?  Antique, but also brand new.
  46. Dress up or dress down? Dress up.
  47. Cowboys or aliens? Aliens are interesting.
  48. Cats or dogs? Dogs.
  49. Pancakes or waffles?  Pancakes
  50. Bond or Bourne? Battle... That's me ;)
  51. Sci-Fi or fantasy? Bit of both.
  52. Numbers or letters?  Letters. 
  53. Star Wars or Star Trek?  Star Wars. 
  54. Fair or theme park? Fair, unless the theme park is Disneyland.
  55. Money or fame? Probably money.
  56. Washing dishes or doing laundry? Depends, sometimes neither, but sometimes one or other. And that doesn't even answer the question but that's just what you get with me sometimes.
  57. Snakes or sharks? Really? Umm... Neither.
  58. Orange juice or apple juice? Orange juice. 
  59. Sunrise or sunset? Sunset. 
  60. Slacker or over-achiever? Over-achiever, but such a slacker.
  61. Pen or pencil?  Pen, most of the time.
  62. Peanut butter or jelly?  Peanut butter.
  63. Grammys or Oscars? Oscars.
  64. Detailed or abstract? Detailed and abstract.
  65. Multiple choice questions or essay questions? Essays.
  66. Adventurous or cautious?  Cautiously adventurous.
  67. Saver or spender? Saver, usually... Lately though, spender. Whoops!
  68. Glasses or contacts? Neither
  69. Laptop or desktop?  Laptop.
  70. Classic or modern? Classic.
  71. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer? Personal fitness trainer, but really, both please?
  72. Internet or cell phone? Both, at the same time!
  73. Call or text? Text, for sure.
  74. Curly hair or straight hair? My hair? So straight.
  75. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening? In the evening.
  76. Spicy or mild? Mild. 
  77. Marvel or DC? Marvel, I think?
  78. Paying a mortgage or paying rent? Dream of owning a house eventually, so paying a mortgage I guess?
  79. Sky dive or bungee jump? Neither.
  80. Oreos or Chips Ahoy? Oreos.
  81. Jello or pudding? There are so many better things, but pudding I guess.
  82. Truth or dare? Truth.
  83. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel? Roller coaster. The ferris wheel appeal is one I just do not understand... So terrifying.
  84. Leather or denim?  Denim.
  85. Stripes or solids? Solids
  86. Bagels or muffins? Bagels, but the occasional muffin is good too.
  87. Whole wheat or white? Whole wheat.
  88. Beads or pearls? Beads.
  89. Hardwood or carpet? Some hardwood here and some carpet there.
  90. Bright colors or neutral tones? Why pick? If you saw my room you'd know that neutral tones and bright colours are awesome together!
  91. Be older than you are or younger than you are? I think I'm right where I'm supposed to be, so not going to wish it away.
  92. Raisins or nuts? Nuts.
  93. Picnic or nice restaurant? Picnic, but a nice restaurant is always good too. :)
  94. Black leather or brown leather? Black leather.
  95. Long hair or short hair? Long hair.
  96. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim”? Who fires before they aim?! Ahh! Ready, aim, fire.
  97. Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction.
  98. Smoking or non-smoking? Non-smoking, please and thank you.
  99. Think before you talk or talk before you think? I try to think before I speak.
  100. Asking questions or answering questions? Probably answering questions... If I know the answer haha.
That was fun! But see, I'm absolutely terrible at this game. Haha oh well! Hopefully that wasn't too painful, and maybe you learned something about me :)

Oh and hey, this is me...


Thanks for reading!


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