Tuesday, 15 December 2015

TenTree #mysterybag Unboxing - Part II

Wow so I kind of forgot about this whole blogging thing for a few months there... Whoops! I'm also pretty sure I have forgotten how to blog... Not that I ever actually knew how to blog in the first place! 

And even though this is really late I feel I need to write this as a huge thank you! 

A bit of backstory first... Earlier this year, Adrianna and I decided to each order a #mysterybag, which would include five clothing items, which would be a mystery to us until we received them. We got these mystery bags from TenTree which is pretty much my most favourite brand, and they're Canadian too! TenTree is awesome in that for every item purchased they plant ten trees, hence the company name. Clever, eh? Anyways, I was so excited about buying these that I thought it would be really fun to film us opening them, like an unboxing video! It just so happened that TenTree sent us a follow up email asking us what we thought about the mystery bags and we were able to send them our video to show them exactly what we thought! To my surprise, they loved it and asked us if they could use our video in their email blast the next time they released mystery bags! Of course that would be okay, what a cool opportunity!

As a thank you, and completely unexpected by me, they sent both Adrianna and I a mystery bag! I am so grateful for this, it was so surprising and exciting and I seriously cannot thank TenTree enough!  Especially Erin from the TenTree team, she deserves a shoutout for her emails and communication, keeping us up to date on the packages being packed and shipped.  

Being that this was such a cool opportunity, I wanted to share it. I'm really excited about what I got in this mystery bag, and decided to write a bit of a review... (Please forgive me for the terrible photos!)

Item #1: 

This awesome shirt, I love it so much! The style of it with the scooped neck and the scooped bottom is awesome! I love the logo created with the feather print! The colour of it is so nice, on the website they call it smoke... I'd say it's a smoky green colour, if that even describes a colour at all. It's super nice and light and airy and the softest t-shirt ever, it's great! Very versatile too, I wear it with leggings or tuck it in to my jeans, and it looks great! Can't say enough about how much I love this shirt!

Item #2:

This super cool tank, it's the nicest blue colour ever and the print is super cute! I love the watercolour look, it's really cool! I'm also a huge fan of the racer back style of this tank top, and the fact that the straps on this tank are adjustable is great too, it's perfect for me to make sure I get the best fit! I can't wait for warmer weather to actually get to wear this more! 

Item #3: 

This is pretty much the coolest three-quarter length sleeve shirt ever! The colours in this are so me, I love the pinks and purples! This shirt features the classic tentree logo and just like all their other products, does not disappoint in the softness department. It's just so light and flowy, comfy and soft! This shirt is perfect to wear with leggings as it's longer in the back, and it's seriously just so cute and fun! I'm not sure if this is what the shirt is called, but on the tag it says #iridescentforest, and I just love that hashtag so much! I totally see how it describes this shirt so perfectly! 

Item #4:

Okay so if I was saying that all the other shirts I got were soft, this one is like out of this world soft. It is like wearing a warm, cozy hug. It's so comfy and soft and warm! This shirt has the cutest print, I love the detail with the trees and the arrows and the different fonts, it's so adorable! This is a nice long sleeve shirt, and I just want to wear it all the time! This picture doesn't really do it justice, but it's a really nice pinky peach colour that is super nice! 

Item #5:

So TenTree basically has the best hoodies ever and I love the ones I have so much, I wear them all time! This one does not disappoint, it's super thick and warm and comfy cozy! I will admit though, that since I already have two grey hoodies from TenTree, I decided I would share this one... As this one is a little bit too big for me, and I'd say it's pretty unisex I'm actually giving it to my little brother, on the condition that when he grows out of it or doesn't want it anymore, I get to have it back! So really I'm just lending it to him, sharing a bit of the TenTree love! I know he's going to be so excited as he doesn't have any TenTree clothes of his own yet, but he loves their stuff too! 

I love everything I received and I am so excited to wear my TenTree clothing, share the love, and spread the word! I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you to the TenTree team for being so wonderful and sending me this complimentary #mysterybag. I am so grateful for this and all the items I have received.

I recommend checking out TenTree's website to see what awesome products they have available right now, as well as their Instagram if you want some awesome outdoor, nature shots which is right up my alley. I totally love their Instagram feed! Also check out Adrianna's YouTube channel where you can find the first TenTree unboxing video, aka Part I, as well as one we just did, aka Part III, because yes, we purchased mystery bags for each other as early Christmas gifts as the addiction is so real! Also, be sure to check out Adrianna's blog, she wrote about her mystery bag too!

Just as a disclaimer, this post and the videos are not sponsored in anyway, and any opinions I have expressed are 100% my own. 

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this post made some sort of sense, and wasn't too painful to read. I just really wanted to express my gratitude for the great products!
Until next time,

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Blogtember Day 12: Currently I'm...

It may be the eleventh hour but I'm doing the 12th prompt on the 12th day so I'm officially calling this all caught up! Yay!

Reading... The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen, it is my absolute favourite book of hers and I never finished it when I was on holidays in August (oh the shame), so finishing it now.
Playing... Sims (I wish) but I'm really not, just thinking I should.
Watching... Full House. I started watching it on Netflix and I can't stop, won't stop until I'm finished!
Trying... To be a blogger. Look guys, I'm doing it!
Cooking... Well I made some smokies for dinner, but what I really want to do is bake some cookies...must buy chocolate chips!
Eating... Vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce that's calling my name!
Drinking... Water.
Calling... It a night pretty soon.
Texting... My best friend.
Pinning... Lately I feel like it's all been wedding stuff...for future planning of an unknown future, meaning the only wedding happening is in my head. 
Tweeting... Responses to things my best friend tweets, I don't actually tweet very often.
Going... To bed soon.
Loving... That I have a mystery bag of clothes coming from Tentree, just wish it would hurry up and get here. I want to see what I got!
Hating... That I have to get up and go to work in the morning. 
Discovering... That this blogging thing is actually pretty fun.
Thinking... Of all the homework I need to do.
Hoping (for)... A good sleep tonight, and that my bedroom is not too hot.
Listening (to)... Fire and the Flood by Vance Joy, can't get it out of my head and I'm okay with that!
Celebrating... That Monday can be my Sunday because I have to work on Sunday.
Smelling... EOS Pink Grapefruit chap stick.
Ordering... Jeans, do I get black or dark wash or both?
Thanking... Adrianna for getting me on this blogging train, and encouraging me to write more.
Considering... Which other prompts I will do during the Blogtember.
Starting... To fall asleep.
Finishing... This blog post... Surprise, surprise!

Thanks for reading!

Goodnight! (Or good morning, or good afternoon)

Blogtember Day 11: Friday Night In (only 1 day late)

A Friday night in is my kind of Friday night, it's always nice to kick back and relax at the end of the week and just catch up on sitting around and doing a whole lotta nothing! And yet I'm excited to talk about my Friday night of doing not much because sometimes doing nothing is exciting!

So the night begins with a conversation with my brothers about what to do for dinner, I hear some mentions of Chinese food, and that sounds perfect to me. I leave it to the boys to decide on what dishes to order and I head up to my room to catch up on some random YouTube videos... I sort of have an addiction to watching vlogs. 

I hear a loud knock at the door, like it is a really heavy knock I tell ya! I run down the stairs wondering who it could be, as I didn't think we were expecting anyone. At the door, I can see that it is a tall guy standing there, and I have no idea who it is. I open the door with a "Hello?" and confused look on my face... Especially when I see he's holding a bag of food. He just says "Chinese food...?" Uhh <blank stare on my face> so he elaborates a bit more, "did you order Chinese food?" At this point I'm really confused because, while yes we were ordering Chinese food, I'm pretty sure the plan was for my dad to pick it up on his way home from work, like always. I tell this delivery boy that I'll check and I call out to my brother, as I'm doing this though, delivery boy friend looks down at the order of food in his hand and exclaims "Oh sh*t! This is for number 19, you're not number 19! No wonder you looked so confused!" That's right folks, we've got a genius on our hands...the house he was looking for was a few doors down. He ran back down the front walk so fast, he was so embarrassed, the poor guy! I really did feel bad for him, but I couldn't help but laugh! And the funny thing is, my brother had just finished placing our order for Chinese food as the knock on the door came! Can you talk about the speediest of speedy service!  But no, I was dad was picking up our order! 

Not something that happens very often, at least in my experience! But it was funny, my bother and I sure had a good laugh about it! And the poor delivery boy, if he wasn't so embarrassed and ran away, maybe we could've bonded over the moment and he could've had a good laugh too... What if fate was trying to bring us together and he ran away just as the opportunity presented itself! Haha I'm totally kidding, but it could have had the potential to be like something out of the movies!

After all that excitement, things went back to normal. We ate the Chinese food that my dad brought home, and then I headed down to the river for a walk. It's a beautiful, relaxing escape for me to head down there, especially when the sun is setting. There's a boardwalk down by the river and it has become like a sanctuary for me, just to look at the river and the setting sun, reflect on the day and enjoy the calm peacefulness. It had been a long time since I'd been down there so it was nice to go back. 

When back from my walk, I made myself an ice cream sundae and watched too many episodes of Full House before heading to bed. 

So in summary, basically my Friday night in looked like this: watch some YouTube, order and eat Chinese food, go for a walk, eat ice cream, and watch Netflix before heading to bed. Pretty solid Friday night of not doing too much, if you ask me. Just how I like it!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my ramblings! ;)

Blogtember Day 7: My Blog Name (5 days late)

So far this whole blogging thing has been a game of catch up, and that is going to continue today, but I am determined to get some posts up and eventually catch up! Maybe even today, but we'll see how it goes.

There's not much of a story (at least in my mind) about where my blog name came from, but I still feel like it's something I can talk about... Although to be honest I could probably talk about anything right now because I may be a little on the bored side haha.

Anyways, the name of my blog is My Moon and More, if you didn't already know. Deciding on this, in itself was quite a feat, as I'm sure my bestie Adrianna can attest to (thank you for being so patient!). I am a perfectionist and a very indecisive person and I just could not decide on the perfect name. I used some tips on how to name your blog and all that, and it really just led me all over the place with a whole bunch of words that didn't really fit together, or were too cliche, or just not me. It really was a struggle! 

I went to Adrianna for help because she is always full of ideas and understanding when I'm in one of these dilemmas. She suggested I think of something that had to do with the moon, because I feel I do have a connection to the moon. I'm a Cancer, and from that stems my moonchild-ness I believe. I just find comfort and calm when looking at the moon, and I feel like it speaks to me, so really it probably was the obvious choice.

I mean the moon may feature on my Instagram on occasion... I just can't help it!
With the idea of the moon firmly implanted in my head, finally, I instantly thought of the title of a Sarah Dessen novel, The Moon and More, and I decided that was it, it was the perfect name! Unfortunately though, that URL was already in use and unavailable to me. But Adrianna to the rescue once again, she appreciates alliteration as much as me and suggested MY Moon and More. Of course, that was it, it is my blog after all, might as well call it mine! 

And there you have it, this blog was born!

To the moon and back, 

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Blogtember Day 5: Song Shuffle (5 days late)

This is take two on this blog post. Made a rookie mistake and forgot to save before my iPad died, so sad! But let's try this again! This blog post is now five days late (sorry about that) but I just couldn't pass up this prompt! I mean is all about music and I love music! And who doesn't love sharing their music with others... I know I do! Music is basically my life, it's the perfect pick me up and can describe what I'm feeling even when I myself don't know how to describe it! Music really is magical and I don't know what I'd do without it! I'm so thankful that there is so many talented people out in the world who can share their gift with the rest of us! Musicians really are so talented, and since I have no musical abilities or talents myself, I am grateful for the music creators of the world! So without further ado, let's get to my list of songs brought to you by the shuffle of my iPod:

1. All to Myself - Marianas Trench
2. Life on a Nickel - Foster the People
3. Flapper Girl - The Lumineers 
4. Gunnin' - Hedley 
5. Polar Bear - King Charles
6. Die Young Live Forever - We the Kings
7. One Way Road - John Butler Trio
8. The Wrong Direction - Passenger
9. Stay, Stay, Stay - Taylor Swift
10. Suitcase Packed - Bodhi Jones 

And because I'm such an overachiever and can't help but share my music with whomever will listen, here's a bonus five songs... I just couldn't help myself!

11. Say Something - A Great Big World
12. Grapevine Valentine - Kingsfoil
13. I Choose You - Sara Bareilles
14. Way Back Down - Brighter Brightest
15. Shirtsleeves - Ed Sheeran 

There's just a little sampling of my taste in music. I'm a big supporter of Canadian music being that I am Canadian so I'm happy to see Brighter Brightest, Bodhi Jones, Hedley, and Marianas Trench made it on the list! Plus gotta have the favourites like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift, both of whom I've been lucky enough to see in concert three times! Music really is the best! 

And if you'd like a sampling of all these songs, I put together a playlist on Spotify (it's just missing Taylor Swift, so if you want to listen to Stay, Stay, Stay you'll have to find it yourself)

Monday, 7 September 2015

Blogtember Day 1 (a week late)

Okay so one, I am already a week late to the game on this Blogtember challenge thing, and two, this is all new to me and I have never blogged before. I have no idea what I'm doing! Really stepping out of my comfort zone here and trying something new. To be honest, as I write this, I have yet to even set up a space for a blog. I have no blog name, and actually just no blog in general. I sort of feel like I started doing this all backwards, but hey at least I'll have something to post as soon as I have a blog up and running. And if you're reading this, then obviously setting up a blog was a success (YAY). I hope I can find interesting things to say, I mean I'm really not much of a writer. But hey it's a new month, a new school year, why not try giving new things a try. Although let's be honest, I'm not sure if this was even my choice at all! I was peer pressured into this whole blogging thing (out of love, apparently) by my best friend, Adrianna. But it is something I've thought about before and I do enjoy reading other people's blog as an outsider, so why not give it a shot and try jumping in with two feet, right?

I wouldn't feel right just starting a blog without first talking about myself and giving some sort of introduction... But really I hate talking about myself and I'm not sure why I even said I should talk about myself, I mean I don't want to sound egotistical. But introductions are totally normal, so on with that I will go...

Hello, my name is Erica.

I live in the beautiful country of Canada, and I'm a west coast kind of girl living just outside of Vancouver. I love so many things about where I live, the fact that I am free to roam and can hit up the beach and the mountains in the same day if I so pleased. I really am so lucky to have so many things to do at my fingertips, but sometimes I think I really need to get out there and appreciate it more. Not to say that I don't appreciate it, I mean at heart I'd like to think I'm a total nature girl. I feed off of sunsets and trees, clouds and the moon, and all the beauty of the outdoors. I just don't spend as much time outdoors as I probably should.

This summer I probably worked too much...not hard when you've got three employers! But hey, got to save up for a rainy day! Which is back, the rain, I mean! And it's very welcome back too... We're used to a lot of rain out here on the wet coast and this was one of the driest, hottest summers ever. The end of August brought about a huge, scary windstorm (just to remind us all not to mess with the power of Mother Nature) and then the rain started and it didn't  really stop until this weekend. And I'm not complaining one bit, torrential downpours... I was born ready for them! And for some reason I just gave you an entire weather report. I guess that something about me that maybe I myself am just realizing, I think I am fascinated by the weather. So there you go, the more you know.

A few more random things about me:

1. I can be really shy and quiet, but once I'm comfortable it can sometimes be hard for me to stop talking.
2. I ramble, and I'm sorry if I'm rambling.
3. I'm 24 years old and I still have two baby teeth. Yes, I do feel ripped off by the tooth fairy! 
4. I have four brothers.
5. I totally felt the spirit of Cory Monteith (RIP) after he died, and people think I'm crazy but I swear it's true.

I'm not really sure where this whole blogging journey will take me, but I must say writing this super random and all over the place kind of blog was sort of fun. I'm going to try my best to keep working at it and make it a least a few times a week. Hopefully this challenge can help me with that, since I'm already behind though I don't think I'll be doing every single prompt. Sorry to disappoint (I say more to myself than anyone, because so far I'm doubting anyone is going to want to read what I write).

Until I write again,