Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Blogtember Day 7 - 5 Things That Bring Me Joy

I try to find joy in everyday, I mean waking up in the morning (while maybe not the most joyful for me because I'm not a morning person) is a time for me to reflect, be grateful and find joy in the fact that it's another new day! I figure you might as well live a joy filled life because life is too short not to!

Here are a few things that bring me joy:

Love my new shoes, and shirt and this whole outfit really! :)
1. Shoes! Well that and clothes, and just shopping in general. Sometimes it's just nice to get some new pieces and update the wardrobe. It's fun to get dressed up and put new outfits together. And shoes are always the best accessory. Can just complete an outfit, tie it all together so perfectly! It's so great, but so simple and makes me so happy! :)

2. Lazy mornings. Did I mention I'm not a morning person? Yeah... So I love those mornings where I can just lounge around, drink some tea or hot chocolate, read a book or watch a movie, and just relax. And those lazy mornings when it's always raining too. The best! Can't get any better than being lazy, curling up and relaxing and just lounging away the day... Well until I have to get ready for work, or get on with the day and reality, or whatever haha.

Some of my ever-growing mug collection. So cute right?
3. To go along with those lazy mornings, I find joy in mugs. Is that weird? I love my ever growing mug collection, always adding to it. And if has a monogram, even better! I can never have too many e's in my life ;)

4. Flowers, and art, and art of flowers! I find joy in all of these things! Plus this quote is great, can't disagree with that! :) Fresh flowers, Katie Daisy art prints (check her here, she's awesome!), and quotes... So much joy!!

5. Hot showers. Especially on a cold day. Long, hot, uninterrupted showers are so great! That is where I do my best thinking, and I appreciate the times when I can just spoil myself, with the hot steamy water running down around me, do some good thinking, and refresh and recharge! So joyous... just not so much the getting out part haha! But I guess all good things must come to an end ;)

So there you have it. Just a few snippets of things that fill me with joy! I'm sure I could think of so many more... I mean I didn't even mention my friends and family! Whoops!! They give me joy everyday, and just fill me up with all the happiness, and love, and light in the world.

But anyways, there you have it!

Happy, happy, joy, joy <3

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