Monday, 5 September 2016

Blogtember Day 2 - Goals

Pyjama party... Working hard or hardly working? 
Playing catch up here and determined to actually catch up! I'm not the best goal setter or achiever but I try my best to get things done, so the exercise of actually writing them down is probably a good thing. A new school year starts tomorrow, so now seems like a good time to set some goals.

Goals for September 2016:

1. Stay organized and on top of my school work. I need to make sure I'm am completing all my assignments in a timely manner and not leaving things till the last minute, because being that I am a pro procrastinator, that is very easy to do. Use my planner, and follow what I actually plan/write in there haha

2. Keep up this blogging thing. My goal is to do more than 5 posts this month, as that was all I achieved during Blogtember of last year. And maybe if I keep it up, it'll become a habit and I can continue on more consistently once Blogtember is over?! No promises, but we shall see :)

3. Read for fun. I have a stack of books beside my bed and I would really like to finish all four of them this month!
Maybe getting a real bedside table should be a goal too? ;)
4. Exercise! Get back to it because I have been slacking pretty much all summer. Just get outside and go for runs, or walks on those days where I just can't motivate myself to actually move. I always want/need to use my own body to build up my strength. Just have to hold those planks, work on some push ups and climb some mountains (but not).

5. Finish my collage wall. Although I have a feeling that it will never actually be fully finished, in the sense that I am always going to be swapping things out and rearranging it. I would like to have the whole wall filled. My goal for this was the end of summer... and for that we're gonna go with the official calendar date for the last day of summer, so I have a few more weeks. This wall has become my pride and joy. It is a collection of art, pictures and things I love, things that I have created, or have been gifted by my amazing and talented friends. There is just a little bit more of the wall to be filled, and then I may even want to expand my collage on to the next wall as well... See this is why it may never actually officially be finished. But the goal is to have the blank space on the wall to the corner filled up.
See that blank space at the end there... Need to fill that!

And those are my goals for September... We shall see how this all goes?! Going to try my very best :)

To the moon and back,


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