Friday, 1 September 2017

Consistently Inconsistent

Why hello September, and hello any readers who may be out there :)

What can I say, I'm nothing if not inconsistent. And yet, I am kind of consistent... consistently inconsistent. So really maybe I should change that to I'm nothing if not consistent. Either way, or any way you look at it, it has been awhile! Almost a whole year in fact. But the consistency I speak of comes from the fact that I have blogged in September since I started this blog in 2015, so I've got that going for me! I mean if you want to read something from me, I think I would suggest checking in September and you may just find a new post! Hopefully that's not the only time you'll find something new, but blogging in September looks to be a trend on this page so we'll stick with that!

Anyone confused yet? No, just me? Maybe. I mean that happens pretty easily. Anyhow, where to begin... Last September, I was making posts on here, but at the same time I had another blog going that I had to do for a class at school, and so this one got neglected while I used the other one for school. And I know I could have merged the two blogs into one, and that was originally the plan, but then things just kind of got crazy and I never got around to it. Oops!

I can't make any promises because when it comes to keeping up with this kind of thing, I am literally the worst! I mean the evidence is here for us all to see, I don't keep up in the blogging world very well. Yet, I do at times find it fun and enjoyable, and so when I get around to it I'm going to posts some posts here.

Let's be real here, I was the kid who started multiple diaries and never filled any of them, not a one! You can go back and look at them, and there was promises I wrote to my diary that I would be better about writing in it, that I would write in it every night, that I would never forget about it again... Yeah, I was not great about keeping up with those promises. My poor, neglected diaries. I'm sure they felt that I really didn't understand the meaning of 'a promise is a promise' and for that I am sorry... yup, I think I just went there, I really did just said sorry to inanimate objects haha. I would be really good about it for a few days, or weeks and put so much pressure on myself to write about my day everyday in my diary, but then the pressure just amounted to be too much, and I gave up. Guess I'm consistent there too, this blog is pretty reflective of the same pattern. Interesting.

Diary Example 1: From March 8, 2003 (not sure why I wrote the date with the year first... who does that?). But see, I apologized to an inanimate object there too after nearly 8 months of not writing in my diary haha.
Diary Example 2: From July 6, 2003 (again, no clue why I wrote the date like that? I had to write above it year/month/day to translate so even I knew what I was talking about. Which is also why you don't need to read any more than my apologies and the pressure I put on myself about writing in my diary... no one needs to read the rambles of my 11 year old self haha). But yeah, look at how hard I was on myself for not writing in 4 months, yikes! Just a small snippet of my consistency struggles... they are just a part of who I am.
I learn so much about myself in doing this, and so that is why I like to do it, when I do it! But no pressure and no promises, I guess we're all just going to have to see what all comes out of this. I can tell you that I, myself, have no idea, but I'm all about giving it a go even if it is only a thing I do in September because that is apparently a tradition I have going on here. We shall see, but thanks for sticking around if you did or you do, thanks for stopping by if that's all you will do, and thanks to Adrianna, who is probably the only guaranteed read (besides my own) that I'll get on anything I post.

And with that, I say adieu for now, till who knows when. But it is nice to be back and to ramble away again, because as we all know... or maybe not, but I do, and now you do, I do like to ramble, which is all this has been, rambling rambles with Erica that may or may not even make sense ;) haha

Thanks for reading!

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